When I am not coding, I enjoy a very wide range of activities. Most of them are music related, which includes participating in the bands at Iowa State, doing vocal covers, and even some light arranging on my own. I also enjoy graphic design, sports, snowmobiling, and riding my motorcycle.


A large part of my experience at Iowa State was my involvement with the Iowa State University Cyclone Football "Varsity" Marching Band. The ISUCF'V'MB is a 350 member ensemble consisting of roughly 44% engineering students like myself. I played in the sousaphone section. Marching band served as a great escape from all of the stress that comes along with being an engineering student. The marching band led me to be in the Volleyball and Basketball pep bands as well.

As for the more traditional sit-down ensembles, I played Euphonium in the ISU Symphonic Band.

Arlen and his sousaphone! Arlen with a few sousaphones!


I also enjoy singing and audio/video editing. That being said, putting together vocal covers is something I enjoy doing when I have significant free time. Here are two of my personal favorite covers I've made:

Graphic Design

Ever since taking a Photoshop class in high school, I have had a knack for graphic creation and/or modification. I have used my skills to create album artwork for a friend, design t-shirts, and even for use with software development (click links for examples of my work).

The Outdoors

I enjoy a lot of outdoor activities including skiing, snowmobiling, motorcycling, and playing sports. I am always finding new ways to enjoy the outdoors.

Arlen water-skiing! Arlen snowmobiling! Arlen on his 1983 Honda Nighthawk 650!

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