During my time at ISU, I have acquired all the knowledge I have today about software development. I have put most of this knowledge to use through personal or group projects, for fun, class, and even my job as an Android Developer. Below are just a few of the projects I am working on or have completed.


MyState is the application I work on at my job as an Android developer for ISU. The app's purpose is to provide students with an all-inclusive tool that they can use every day they are on campus. Current features include CyRide Routes and Tracking, a Campus Map, News from ISU and Ames, access to the Directory, and the ISU photostream. More features are currently being developed and should be released in the near future.

The MyState Homepage The MyState CyRide Feature

For more information, or to download the app on Android, check MyState out at the Google Play Store.


Chess Mate was a semester long project for Com S 309 (Software Development Practices). My team decided to make a chess application for Android because we were not satisfied with the current free chess apps on the market. Our final project contained three different game modes, 2 player local, 2 player network, and 1 player (against an AI). For this project I was assigned "Team Leader," and I also implemented all user interfaces.

Our final software requirements document can be seen here.

ChessMate Game-board A screen-shot of our final game board.

Pool Pal:

Pool Pal was another semester long software project, this time for Com S 319 (Software Construction & User Interfaces). The application was designed for Android and Web interfaces.

The focus of the application was to provide a simple way of managing and participating in custom sports pools. A sports pool is a group of people who compete with one another by picking who they think will win for a series of sports' games in a specific league of play. Target users varied greatly across the board as a lot of people like sports. Because of this, we emphasized a simple, yet interactive, user experience. In addition, the league of play and teams competing is entirely customizable by the pool admin.

A final report document for Pool Pal can be viewed here.

Acceleration Reader:

This was a small project that I completed on my own in just a few days. It utilizes an Android devices built-in accelerometers and an open source Android graphing tool. The most difficult task was combining the graph view with my existing acceleration read out view, and feeding it live data. I believe that the graphing library was originally designed for static data.

An small drop's Acceleration Readout A screen-shot of a small drop graphed.

Please come back soon! I'll add more projects as time allows.